Just like a wall or a building constructed in layers of brick, our campus—its buildings, walkways, playing fields, and classrooms—reflects layers of histories. Each generation of our community built on the old layers by adding features, changing old ones, and giving new meanings to the places we use today for learning, innovating, and putting knowledge to service in society.

This atlas features new perspectives on NC State's campus history and shares the ways in which our built environment reflected and shaped our community over time. Here you can explore the people and events of NC State's history through the places we know.

Reynolds Coliseum

William Neal Reynolds Coliseum

Emma Stout 2021/05/23
Alexander Residence Hall, front view

Alexander Hall

Emma Stout 2021/05/14
Lee Residence Hall, circa 1974

Lee Residence Hall

Alanna Natanson 2021/05/14
Greek Village Master Plan

Greek Village

Emma Stout 2021/05/14
Infirmary at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, circa 1910

Infirmary/Winslow Hall

Alanna Natanson 2021/05/14
Harrelson Hall

Harrelson Hall

Emma Stout 2021/04/07
Dan Allen Parking Deck, 2004

Dan Allen Drive and Dan Allen Parking Deck

Alanna Natanson 2021/03/31
Charles Joyner (undated) and “It Takes a Village” by Charles Joyner (undated)

Brooks Hall

Alanna Natanson 2021/03/12
Caldwell Hall Lounge

Caldwell Hall

Emma Stout 2021/04/03
Textile Building (later Tompkins Hall), circa 1914

Tompkins Hall

Alanna Natanson 2020/28/01
The gateway to the JC Raulston Arboretum

JC Raulston Arboretum

Emma Stout 2020/1/14
Pullen Hall, circa 1920

Pullen Hall

Alanna Natanson 2020/12/31
Bostian Hall, view from Brickyard, circa 1980

Bostian Hall

Alanna Natanson 2020/12/11
Hunt Library

James B. Hunt Library

Emma Stout 2020/11/27
Claude McKinney, John Kanipe, and Beth McGee at Centennial Campus planning meeting

Centennial Campus

Emma Stout 2020/11/3
Yarbrough Drive Steam Plant, 2011

Yarbrough Drive Steam Plant and Smokestack

Alanna Natanson 2020/10/13
Front view, Spring Hill House, Dorothea Dix Hospital, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina

Spring Hill House

Emma Stout 2020/10/06
Park Shops, 2010

Park Shops

Alanna Natanson 2020/09/22
Watauga Hall, recently remodeled and redecorated, established as the first women's dorm at State, circa 1965

Watauga Hall

Emma Stout 2020/09/05